Episode 265 – Peter Bassett with Wicked Weed Brewing!

With the arrival or meteorological summer on June 1, what better time to taste the latest from cool Asheville, NC! Our good friend Peter Bassett from Wicked Weed joins us and his cooler is packed with some terrific beers: Imperial Coolcumber, Artistry II, Persistence, Fraise Morte,  and Sandiaca!

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Episode 264 – Vacation Beers from von Trapp, Wicked Weed and Ballast Point!

Tony and Jenn make a triumphant return to the soggy lands bearing gifts from von Trapp, Wicked Weed and Ballast Point! If only they could sing like the Von Trapp kids! We share a delectable treat from that family, namely the Von Trapp Double IPL! Plus we have both Wicked Weed Astronomical IPA and Ballast Point Moscow Mule!

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Episode 263 – Shawn Densmore from Foothills!

We love heading west to Winston-Salem to see our friends from Foothills Brewing, and this week our friend Shawn Densmore brings Foothills to our little bar! Shawn discusses all the latest from the brewery, and he brings us two delectable treats to sample: Thousand Smiles and Tangled Vine Rose!

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Episode 262 – Road Trip Brews from Hinterland, Stevens Point and Two Roads!

It’s a nice relaxy week in the bar as we open up the vaults with beers from the road including some from Hinterland and Stevens Point (thanks to Dan for both of these!) plus Two Roads! We get to taste Hinterland Door County Cherry Wheat, Hinterland Luna Coffee Stout, Stevens Point Milkshake Malt Porter, Two […]

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Episode 261 – Kirby Dean from Blake’s Hard Cider Company!

We finally take a breather from the road this week with our buddy Kirby Dean from Blake’s Hard Cider Company! Kirby tells us about his background on the dark side (distribution) and ho he moved toward the light of the supplier world. Then he shares the latest from Armada, and we get to try this […]

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Episode 260 – Eric Wallace and Heath Perkins from Left Hand Brewing!

Once again Tony and Jenn hit the road to bring you another whale interview: Eric Wallace and Heath Perkins from Left Hand Brewing! Eric and Heath talk about the founding of the brewery, the latest happenings and brews, and try three amazing beers with us: Juicy Goodness, Death before Disco, and a rare cellar find, […]

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Episode 259 – Uli Bennewitz and Greg Hirsch from Weeping Radish Farm Brewery!

The Delorean is getting max mileage this year as Tony and Jenn leave Chip at the bar and head down east to visit the NC brewing pioneer Uli Bennewitz and our old buddy Greg Hirsch from Weeping Radish Farm Brewery! Uli tells us about how he got into the brewing business, all the changes he […]

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Episode 258 – Chad Gourley from Ithaca Beer Company!

It’s old home week for Tony as an emissary from the Finger Lakes region has brought us beer: it’s Chad Gourley from Ithaca Beer Company! Chad joins us to relate the origins of Ithaca, how he moved from the dark side to the light of the beer business, and he presents us delectable delights: Apricot […]

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Episode 257 – Archie Gleason from Sycamore Brewing!

This week we drive over to Cary, NC to meet up with our friend Archie Gleason from Charlotte’s Sycamore Brewing! Sycamore has hit central NC in a big way this month, and Archie relates the brewery’s origins and how he came to join them. Then we get to sample a delicious 4-pack!

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Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head

Episode 256 – Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head!

We have another whale for you this week and it’s a big one! Sam Calagione, the founder of Dogfish Head Brewing, has come to town and he sits down with us to share some terrific beers and chat! Sam gives us his views on recent events in the craft beer world, talks about being a […]

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