Episode 273 – Jasmine Bamlet with the NC Brewers Guild Plus Beers from New Sarum, Resident Culture, and Sierra Nevada!

We are all about local when it comes to beers we love, and this week we are celebrating NC brews with our friend Jasmine Bamlet with the NC Brewers Guild! Jasmine talks about all the incredible growth in NC brewing, and she has some NC goodness to try with us: New Sarum Lemon Shandy; Resident […]

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Episode 272 – Beers from Roak, Fatheads, and Brewery Bhavana!

Now that Chip has made another triumphant return from San Diego Comic-Con, it’s time to kick back and relax with great brews from Roak, Fatheads, and Raleigh’s Brewery Bhavana! The treats are Roak Ice Cream Man,  Fatheads Headhunter IPA, and Brewery Bhavana Burrow! We start the news on the lighter side, of beer that is! […]

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Episode 271- Dan Mitchell and Chad Gourley from Ithaca Beer Co.!

There’s a pleasant cool breeze coming in from the Finger Lakes as Dan and Chad from Ithaca Beer Company join us at the bar.  We learn how Dan Mitchell started the brewery in Ithaca, NY in 1998 and grew it to cover 14 states.  They also fill us in on the latest happenings and releases and we […]

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Episode 270 – Joe Zonin from Carolina Brewing!

He’s the owner of the coveted 10 timers jacket and he’s in the bar! Yes our good friend Joe Zonin returns to celebrate Carolina Brewing’s 23rd anniversary with us! Plus he shares some outstanding beers with us: Be Like Mike New England IPA, Irish Dry Stout, and a special treat, the Belgian-Style Quad Beer Army […]

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Episode 269 – Dave Benfield from DuClaw Brewing!

It’s been forever since we heard that Bal’mer accent, so we juice up the DeLorean to visit with our friend Dave Benfield from DuClaw Brewing! Dave tells us all about the latest from Maryland and tries some delectable brews with us: Gose O’s, Dad Bod Double IPA, and All Along the Hop Tower Double IPA! We […]

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Episode 268 – Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh, Co-Founders of Hardywood Park Craft Brewery!

It took years of cajoling, and it has paid off! Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh, the co-founders of Hardywood Park Craft Brewery are here at the bar and in our market at last! The guys discuss their history together, the founding of the brewery, and the mythical story of their trip to Australia.

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Episode 267- Dave Burrows and Beers from All Over

This week Tony and Jenn invite fellow Mims employee and beer adventurer Dave Burrows back to the show to fill in the cohost spot while Chip is on vacation.  Dave regales us with stories of his latest beer trips and brings us some amazing brews to try.  We head to Massachusetts favorite Treehouse and try […]

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Episode 266 – Charles Phaneuf, Raleigh Little Theatre, Plus Adam Lindstaedt and Nick LaRock, Groove in the Garden!

We have always wanted to be…ACTING! And this week we get the chance when we go live from the Raleigh Little Theatre! Starring brews form Sycamore, Starpoint, and Anchor! Featuring theatre mogul Charles Phaneuf plus two good friends from the charity event Groove in the Garden: Adam Lindstaedt and Nick LaRock! And we have props […]

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Episode 265 – Peter Bassett with Wicked Weed Brewing!

With the arrival or meteorological summer on June 1, what better time to taste the latest from cool Asheville, NC! Our good friend Peter Bassett from Wicked Weed joins us and his cooler is packed with some terrific beers: Imperial Coolcumber, Artistry II, Persistence, Fraise Morte,  and Sandiaca!

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Episode 264 – Vacation Beers from von Trapp, Wicked Weed and Ballast Point!

Tony and Jenn make a triumphant return to the soggy lands bearing gifts from von Trapp, Wicked Weed and Ballast Point! If only they could sing like the Von Trapp kids! We share a delectable treat from that family, namely the Von Trapp Double IPL! Plus we have both Wicked Weed Astronomical IPA and Ballast Point Moscow Mule!

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