Episode 31 – Foothills Brewing Hoppy Medium & Pyschic/Medium Melissa Peil

We knew you would listen to this episode, Caskers. Today we are on location at the release of Foothills Brewing ’s Hoppy Medium Imperial Brown Ale and we are joined by Mystical Awakenings’ Psychic Medium, Melissa Peil. We enjoy the hoppy goodness of the Hoppy Medium, and Melissa shares some of the readings that she got about the classic old bar that we’re in, the future of Tales From the Cask, and the growth of Foothills Brewing! Melissa also takes some time to answer some listener questions!

We share some very interesting news articles about a malt farm in Massachusetts, beer infused cigars, beer prices at NFL stadiums, a possible world record for craft beer, and a very interesting article about how drinking a beer after you run might just be the best thing you can do!

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