Episode 52 – Audra Gaiziunas, Owner of Brewed For Her Ledger Plus Lagunitas

Tony Jenn Audra Lagunitas Imperial Stout

It’s Episode 52 of Tales From the Cask which means we’ve made it through a whole year of podcasting!  In today’s episode we are joined by Audra Gaiziunas, owner of Brewed For Her Ledger, LLC.  Audra specializes in accounting needs for brewers and is a beer aficionado!

We talk to Audra about how she got started in the beer business, her various clients, women in the beer world, her most interesting projects and much more!  You can follow Audra on Twitter at @BeerMudderAudra.

We also taste some rare Lagunitas brews!  We have Lagunitas Censored, Waldo, Imperial Stout, and Cappuccino Stout!

In our news segment we have another updated on the potential impact of the FDA’s proposed changes to spent grain, beer lollipops, a craft beer pub crawl in Osaka, Japan, a beer bar in Salt Lake City, and a beer glass froster.

We share some great feedback from our listeners and we throw out a new Cask Quiz question, “What beer’s story convinced you to buy the brand?”

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2 thoughts on “Episode 52 – Audra Gaiziunas, Owner of Brewed For Her Ledger Plus Lagunitas

  1. haha Cool you, guys! You talked to her before I did. I talked with Audra on MicroBrewr podcast, episode 31.
    And you guys drank some of my nearby favorites: Lagunitas beer. Any word on the new book from Lagunitas?

    1. Thank you for checking in with us! Audra is awesome isn’t she?

      Here’s what we found about Tony Magee’s newest book “So You Want to Start a Brewery?”:

      Book Launch Party
      2607 West 17th St.
      Chicago, Ill. 60608

      Doors will open at 6:30PM. You’ll receive a raffle ticket at the registration desk for a chance to win one of five raffle prizes of Lagunitas schwag. Schweet!

      Just missed it! Cheers!

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