Episode 276 – Ryan Trask from Olde Hickory!

We are delighted to welcome back our old friend and colleague Ryan Trask from one of our favorite NC brewers, Olde Hickory! Ryan reveals all the news from western NC and has a cooler full of terrific beers for us: Summer Sonker, Oktoberfest, Auxo, and Imperial Stout! The news begins with a pair of stories […]

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Episode 274 – Tony’s Farewell Episode with Aubrey Herbert, Connor Desmonds and Joe Zonin!

We can’t believe we are saying goodbye this week to one of the triumvirate of our show, and yet here we are waving sayonara to Tony! He is moving over to the dark side (aka brewery side) with our friends from Sierra Nevada, and so of course we decided to have a party with friends […]

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Episode 273 – Jasmine Bamlet with the NC Brewers Guild Plus Beers from New Sarum, Resident Culture, and Sierra Nevada!

We are all about local when it comes to beers we love, and this week we are celebrating NC brews with our friend Jasmine Bamlet with the NC Brewers Guild! Jasmine talks about all the incredible growth in NC brewing, and she has some NC goodness to try with us: New Sarum Lemon Shandy; Resident […]

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Episode 270 – Joe Zonin from Carolina Brewing!

He’s the owner of the coveted 10 timers jacket and he’s in the bar! Yes our good friend Joe Zonin returns to celebrate Carolina Brewing’s 23rd anniversary with us! Plus he shares some outstanding beers with us: Be Like Mike New England IPA, Irish Dry Stout, and a special treat, the Belgian-Style Quad Beer Army […]

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Episode 269 – Dave Benfield from DuClaw Brewing!

It’s been forever since we heard that Bal’mer accent, so we juice up the DeLorean to visit with our friend Dave Benfield from DuClaw Brewing! Dave tells us all about the latest from Maryland and tries some delectable brews with us: Gose O’s, Dad Bod Double IPA, and All Along the Hop Tower Double IPA! We […]

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Episode 246 – A Whaling Special with Bruce McKim Featuring Wicked Weed, Mikkeller, Three Floyds, and Dogfish Head!

It took us years of patient asking, and this week Jenn closes the deal and brings in our retailer friend and frequent contributor Bruce McKim! Bruce tells us his origin story, talks about the evolution of craft beer retailing, and shares some of his cool can/bottle collection! Plus he has some taste treats including Wicked […]

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