Episode 143 – Three Floyds, Sierra Nevada & Coronado!

After the mayhem last week with the guys from Blake’s Hard Cider, we decided to clean up the bar and relax with beers from Three Floyds, Sierra Nevada, and Coronado! We sample the amazing Three Floyds Alpha King American Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Five Hop Experimental IPA, and Coronado Stupid Stout Imperial Stout! The news […]

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Olde Hickory podcast

Episode 120 – Leif Larson from Olde Hickory Brewery!

Our good friend Leif Larson has been really busy helping us sell all the great brews from Olde Hickory, so we asked him to stop by and relax with us and some of their great frosty malt beverages! We love Olde Hickory Brewery. He brought us three treats: the Hickory Tavern Ale (a Belgian IPA), […]

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Lagunitas Imperial Stout

Episode 52 – Audra Gaiziunas, Owner of Brewed For Her Ledger Plus Lagunitas

It’s Episode 52 of Tales From the Cask which means we’ve made it through a whole year of podcasting!  In today’s episode we are joined by Audra Gaiziunas, owner of Brewed For Her Ledger, LLC.  Audra specializes in accounting needs for brewers and is a beer aficionado! We talk to Audra about how she got […]

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Brewing podcast

Episode 40 – Beer Afficianado Sheldon Simonds and a Taste Challenge!

Greetings from the snowy lands, Casklovers! We may be snowed in here in North Carolina, but we’re still enjoying some frosty malt beverages and podcasting! In episode 40 of Tales From the Cask we meet Jenn’s significant other and beer aficionado, Sheldon Simonds. As you all know, there is a really big football game taking […]

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