Episode 211 – Bill Buxton

Jennifer returns this week refreshed from vacation to rejoin the crew. We chat beer and life in general with a veteran consulting colleague of Chip, Bill Buxton.  He tells us about his beer evolution from the Midwest to NC and we have plenty of beers to share with him including some gifts from Chicago area […]

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Episode 206 – Matt Dakan from AleSmith!

We have an amazing San Diego treat this week – AleSmith is in the house thanks to our friend Matt Dakan! Matt joins us to talk up cans! And we are so stoked to test and taste .394, IPA, and the astounding Speedway Stout, all in cans! Before that deliciousness we have your news! First […]

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Episode 193 – New Year, New Goodies with Sierra Nevada!

We are so lucky to be working with our friends from Sierra Nevada! Why so? Because as always, they are bringing us new treats for a new year! It’s our old buddies Tommy Gannon and Dave Kemper, and with them we are trying three all-new goodies: Sidecar Orange Pale Ale, Tropical Torpedo Tropical IPA, and […]

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Episode 187 – Beers & History with New Sarum Brewing!

You know we loves us some history, and this week our friends from New Sarum Brewing in Salisbury NC combine it with terrific beers! Our friends Edward Moscardini, brother Gian Moscardini, and their brewmaster Andy Maben join us at the bar to talk about their brewery, discuss the relation of the two Salisburys, and taste […]

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Episode 183 – IPA Week Plus Chats at the NC Craft Brewers Conference!

With the election so close, we kind of wish we were somewhere else til the ads stop, like say India, so we go all-IPA this week! We have awesome beers including Lawson’s Finest Liquids Super Session #2 IPA, Wicked Weed Metatropics Brett IPA, and two from Trinity: Passion Swing American Fruited IPA and Passion Red […]

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Episode 182 – Halloween/Samhain Hops Costume Party with Wil Cooper & Coronado Brewing!

What a great time this week – it’s our first-ever costume party with Wil Cooper from Coronado Brewing! We are dressed up as our favorite hops, and Wil joins the fun – you will have to listen or check out our homepage or Facebook to find out which ones we are! Wil also brings along […]

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Episode 175 – Sales VP Charlie Clement and Late Summer Brews from Foothills, Coronado & Wicked Weed/Creature Comforts!

It took us years, and we finally did it – we got Charlie Clement, our VP of Chain Sales, to join the fun at the little bar! Charlie regales us with tales of olden times, when the horses still pulled the beer carts from town to town, and how things have evolved into the 21st […]

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Episode 172 – Trinity Brewing and Trademark Dude Chris Sorey!

Episode 172 – Trinity Brewing and Trademark Dude Chris Sorey!

The heat is really on outside, so our friend Chris Sorey joins us to escape it and we share some sweet relief from Colorado’s Trinity Brewing! Chris talks about the latest in the world of trademarks and beer, plus he has some fun stories of legal shenanigans! Then we have some of the best beers […]

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Episode 170- Wil Cooper with Coronado Brewing Company

We have been hearing a lot from the San Diego area lately!  Chip has returned from a week in the area as well as our very own NC rep Wil Cooper!  They both fill us in on the latest from Coronado Island and we get to try some limited brews along with a new canned […]

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Episode 162 –  Matt Laibson and Jenny Meyer from Ballast Point!

Episode 162 – Matt Laibson and Jenny Meyer from Ballast Point!

The triumphant triumvirate are all back together this week, and just in time for our friends Matt Laibson and Jenny Meyer from Ballast Point! Matt is the brewery’s Field Quality Analyst and he tells us about his job, how he got started with Ballast Point, and what to look for to make sure you get […]

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