Episode 288 – Justin Crouch from Wicked Weed!

What a great year we are having with our friends from Wicked Weed! Our buddy (and brewery sales guru) Justin Crouch stops in to chat, and he brings along a large group of friends to dish on all the lastest from Asheville! Plus he has a couple of timely treats: Dark Age with Coffee and […]

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Episode 265 – Peter Bassett with Wicked Weed Brewing!

With the arrival or meteorological summer on June 1, what better time to taste the latest from cool Asheville, NC! Our good friend Peter Bassett from Wicked Weed joins us and his cooler is packed with some terrific beers: Imperial Coolcumber, Artistry II, Persistence, Fraise Morte,  and Sandiaca!

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Episode 264 – Vacation Beers from von Trapp, Wicked Weed and Ballast Point!

Tony and Jenn make a triumphant return to the soggy lands bearing gifts from von Trapp, Wicked Weed and Ballast Point! If only they could sing like the Von Trapp kids! We share a delectable treat from that family, namely the Von Trapp Double IPL! Plus we have both Wicked Weed Astronomical IPA and Ballast Point Moscow Mule!

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Episode 255 – Relaxing with Beers from Olde Hickory, Southern Tier, and Wicked Weed!

After the Easter mayhem and in celebration of the opening of baseball season, we take a seat at the bar and unwind with our friends Frank and Keith while trying a trio of deliciousness from Olde Hickory, Southern Tier, and Wicked Weed! They are Olde Hickory Thallo, Southern Tier Wrinkle in the Fabric, and Wicked […]

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Episode 209 –  Martin Roper, CEO of The Boston Beer Company!

Chip had to travel a long way, and it was totally worth it to do his second interview with Martin Roper, CEO of The Boston Beer Company! Martin talks about the latest with Sam Adams, Angry Orchard and Twisted Tea. Plus he discusses his planned retirement in 2018 and offers his thoughts about where craft […]

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Episode 184 – Craftbeer Pairings with Cheeses from France!

We score bigtime with the ultimate beer-food pairings this week – we have cheeses from France along with our craftbeers! Joining us are Charles Duke, the Director of the French Dairy Board of the Americas and his friends from some terrific French cheese producers: Dan Akhmetshin from Lactalis, Mathieu Quirin from Isigny Ste Mere, and […]

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Episode 183 – IPA Week Plus Chats at the NC Craft Brewers Conference!

With the election so close, we kind of wish we were somewhere else til the ads stop, like say India, so we go all-IPA this week! We have awesome beers including Lawson’s Finest Liquids Super Session #2 IPA, Wicked Weed Metatropics Brett IPA, and two from Trinity: Passion Swing American Fruited IPA and Passion Red […]

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Episode 176 – Wicked Weed with Kyle Pederson!

We are working overtime to get Wicked Weed out there, and our buddy (and former co-worker!) Kyle Pederson is right there with us! Kyle talks about his history with our friends in Asheville, including how he wandered into the brewpub and how he ended up working for the brewery! Plus, he brings a special treat […]

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Episode 175 – Sales VP Charlie Clement and Late Summer Brews from Foothills, Coronado & Wicked Weed/Creature Comforts!

It took us years, and we finally did it – we got Charlie Clement, our VP of Chain Sales, to join the fun at the little bar! Charlie regales us with tales of olden times, when the horses still pulled the beer carts from town to town, and how things have evolved into the 21st […]

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Episode 166 – AleSmith, Coronado, and a Lost Abbey/Wicked Weed Collaboration!

Episode 166 – AleSmith, Coronado, and a Lost Abbey/Wicked Weed Collaboration!

It’s 4th of July week, so we close the bar and open some rare treats from AleSmith and Coronado, plus an incredible collaboration brew from The Lost Abbey & Wicked Weed! AleSmith sent us some of the marvelous San Diego Pale Ale .394, plus we have the audacious Coronado 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA, and for […]

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