Who We Are

Chip Mims

Born in the frozen tundra of northern Siberia, Chip overcame Cossacks and polar bears alike to make his way to the good Ole US of A just in time. After spending years wandering this great land, he finally understood his life’s true calling, dentistry, was out of reach. Depressed, he found himself in a bar drinking a Sam Adams Boston Lager and arguing with another patron over whose beer was the best. Once he had dispatched his neighbor, he realized he was pretty good at talking about beer. Luckily he found two other like-minded souls and with them co-founded the very podcast you are listening to today. Cheers!

First Beer: Miller High Life

Favorite Style of Beer: Lager

Desert Island Beer: I love all my children and cannot pick a fave!


Tony Walldroff

Some people are destined to be astronauts, while others are destined to be talk show hosts. I think I somehow was destined to be a beer connoisseur. Growing up on a cash crop farm, I always enjoyed harvesting barley for brewing the most. I got my start in brewing with a mail order homebrew kit much earlier than should’ve been allowed and I was baptized into good beer from the start. No one liked my first batches as I tended to jam pack them with hops. I refused to dump them out, so I guess that’s where my love of hoppiness came from. I had some great beer mentors along the way and I’d like to try and find them all for the show sometime. In my opinion, the best way to get into craft beer is to go to a small live music venue and try a beer you’ve never had and find a band you’ve never heard of. The first thing that I do when I visit a new city is head directly to a beer bar and try out the local scene. When I grow up, aside from inventing the first beer-filled swimming pool, I’d like to host a podcast about beer with a couple of cool people. What a great way to spend Wednesday afternoons. Tony helps lead the craft beer podcast crew.

First Beer: Molson Golden

Favorite Style of Beer: American IPA

Desert Island Beer: Firestone Walker Union Jack


Jennifer Balik

I spent several years of my adult life in New York City, but lack of access to Bojangles and real sweet tea led me back to North Carolina. After my triumphant return to the Old North State, I began a career in the beer marketing business about 8 years ago, and haven’t looked “bock” since.  Drinking malty scotch ales and doppelbocks helped introduce me to craft beer.  My passion is traveling, when I’m not planning my next trip I am usually planning an event or party.  My favorite part is deciding what to cook!  My favorite meal is brunch, which is way better than its close cousin, brinner (who does that anyways?).   I was in dance for about 14 years growing up and sometimes still put on my pointe shoes and attempt to dance in front of the mirror.  I also love musicals and wish I was a better singer.  I like playing uncomplicated video games and putting together puzzles.  My favorite color is orange, because it reminds me of the sun shining through a glass of my favorite Saison.  Jennifer helps lead the craft beer podcast team.

First Beer: Icehouse from my parents’ fridge

Favorite Style of Beer: Saison

Desert Island Beer: Dos Equis Ambar Lager on draft!